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Low cost brick patios

At Brick Patio Guys, you will find an inexpensive way to pave the garden, patio or porch; you will find great convenience in the brick patio services that we offer. For one, these brick patios are not only cheap, but they are more durable and that wood or plastic. With planning and patience, you will find that they will add beauty and glamour to your landscape. Our experts will help you make the right decision on patio bricks so that your home is transformed. Even with different widths of mortar used, you will find that the brick patio will suit them either way. With year of experience, you can count on the expertise of our personnel to help improve your patio, garden or porch. They will inspect the outdoor places that need to be paved, take the necessary measurements to determine the number of bricks required before starting out the installation. Once the installation is complete, there will be a follow up thereafter to ensure that they are well laid and that all the safety features have been incorporated. You can reach us over 888-381-2221 so that you can discuss with our professionals what need to be don e to enhance the beauty of your landscape. A little budget will go long way in handing you that splendid appearance of the patio that you have always needed.


Custom brick patio Services

At Brick Patio Guys, the patio bricks will be installed in a custom way so that your individual tastes are taken care of. There are home owners who seek to have ideal spots for barbecue, cocktail or any other relaxing activity that you may require in your outdoor space. Our experts will help you transform these places into havens of peace and comfort through well laid out through brick paver patios. When it comes to the design if the brick patios, we like taking time to allow our clients and their families have the upper hand on how the final product will look like after the design stage. Once they have been perfectly laid down, you will be able to bring along outdoor furniture such as armchairs and dining table so that you and your family can enjoy a nice meal outside the house. We also give due consideration to the following key features of our undertaking:



Our service is of high standard. Our technicians will not talk back at you, use swear words or leave dirt lying out after laying the brick patio. If this ever happen, you will be entitled to free service.

Call us today at 888-381-2221 and enjoy our superior customer care services.

* Repair

Repair work is important after installing the patio bricks. This is done after the initial installation that they are firmly placed next to each other. We have a warranty on the quality of the work with a repeat repair work if they do not meet desired standard. Call 888-381-2221 for more information.

* Replacement install

The flagstone, concrete, wood or brick materials that are used have different properties and sometimes may not be unsuitable in the long run. Replacement install becomes the surest way to install the desired ones. Talk to us so that if you are dissatisfied with the existing ones, they will be replaced free of charge or you get a refund instead.

For a professional quote, kindly call 888-381-2221 to book an appointment for professional advice from industry leaders.

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